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Install Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs


Cam Bearings

    It is important that cam bearings be installed properly, especially on high performance engines.

    Here at WRE before final wash, the cam bores are cleaned with a wire brush and solvent, deburred and inspected for scars or gouges. We want clean smooth surfaces holding the cam bearings.

    We install our bearings using a FULL BORE bearing installation tool. This presses evenly around the bearing while aligning it with the cam bore centerlines. We trial fit a cam in every block before going any further.


Freeze Plugs

    We install our freeze plugs using a sleeve retaining compound. This seals the freeze plugs and helps retain them in the block. On high RPM high performance engines we recommend pinning the freeze plugs, this will assure that a freeze plug cannot possible come out.



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