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Race Prep Oiling System

 Higher RPM engines require more oil flow which means special attention needs to be paid to how the oil travels through the block.



     When we set up an engine for internal oil pumps, we reshape some of the oil galleys and enlarge others. There are some sharp edges that need to be removed. If the bypass is plugged it is important that a high flow oil filter be used.

    Most stock replacement filters are made to remove very small particles, but are very restrictive. Usually a stock replacement filter will cave in on itself causing bearing loss on high RPM engines. We also recommend a High Volume pump.

    Some drive in expansion plugs can become over loaded and they will push out. It is a good idea to tap these holes and install screw in plugs. All of the galleys should have a wire brush agitated through them to remove any loose materials.


Dry Sump Systems

    We use some of the same techniques on dry sump systems as we do on internal systems. Some of the major differences are where the oil goes in and oil control.

    We often route the pressure back into the main oil galley. This is the least restrictive method.

    We try to control where the oil goes to keep it away from as many moving parts as possible. We achieve this using carefully placed scavenge lines and oil pan baffles and gates.


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