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Dry Sump Oil Pumps

• Clean and Inspect
• Flow and pressure Test
• Rebuild

Clean and Inspect

 Any time we have an engine in our shop that has a dry sump oil system we recommend that the complete system be brought in with the engine. This allows us to clean and inspect not only the pump but also the hoses, fittings, dry sump tank and oil pump drive components. The pump will be cleaned and relubricated. All of the fittings will be checked and replaced if they are damaged. New hoses will be custom made to replace any that might be damaged.

Flow and pressure Test

 It is recommended that while we have the pump, we do a pressure and flow test on it. We will flow the pump at several different speeds and loads, record this information and compare it to a new pump. If the pump is not within specifications then it should be rebuilt.

    We can also preset the oil pressure on your new or used pump before putting it on your engine. It is a risk to start your engine without knowing where it is set.


 If your pump has been ran for a while or has been through a blow up, it may be necessary to rebuild it. We will deburr the housings and pump gears when possible and replace the ones that are severely damaged. We replace the seals, bearings and hardware as necessary. After reassembly the pump is then tested and the pressure relief valve is preset.


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