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Weld Cast Iron and Aluminum Heads

    If a crack is found on a head it can usually be repaired. One of the ways we repair cylinder heads is by Machining out all of the original crack and then welding it back up with new material.

    On aluminum heads we use our TIG Welder.

Brodix Aluminum Head

Crack was found during rebuild

Seats have been removed

Crack has been machined out

Head has been welded

We use a special alloy to help support the head gasket in this area

Head has been machined for seats

The seats have been installed

Seats have been machined

Head has been milled

Finished Repair

This head has been port matched and flowed to make sure it meets or exceeds the original flow.


    On cast iron heads we use a CWT Industries Nickel Flame Spray Welder.

    There are many other techniques for repairing cracks. Some do not require welding, such as Lock-N-Stitch Pins and Cast Master Pins.


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