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• Balance
• Ceramic Coat Tops
• Coat Skirts with Dry Film Lubricant
• Digitize Combustion Chambers for Dome
• Flycut Valve Relief’s
• Hone Wrist Pin Holes

    When we receive new pistons we first do a visual for any damages or imperfections. We also measure the pistons to make sure they are the right size. We then check valve to piston clearance and machine the valve pockets as necessary. After blending the pistons they are then balanced and the final weight of the pistons are recorded for future reference.

    We have a Power Coat Performance Coating Center that allows us to ceramic coat tops of pistons, combustion chambers and valves. We also apply a dry film lubricant to the skirts.

    If you are looking to get the most compression possible, we can digitize the combustion chamber and machine the pistons to match.


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