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David Schweizer

    David, who happens to be Dennis's son In law, has been part of the Wells Team since 1991. He is the head man in the head shop! MVC-821L.JPG (104948 bytes)

    Today's stock engines are very High Tech. They are very sensitive to guide clearances, flatness of the head gasket surface and installed height of the valve. These specifications have to be looked up in an information database and then applied to the head. 

    David takes pride in work, after his crew takes apart a head, the parts are cleaned and sorted before they go to the inspection area for him to evaluate. As he machines the valve job he places a valve in every port to vacuum check the valve job. 

    Cylinder heads are one of the most critical parts of today's engines, we are proud to have David standing behind them!

    If you have any questions or comments for David feel free to e-mail him at david@wellsracing.com.