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Repair Cracked Blocks

    There are several different ways to repair cracks in blocks and heads.

    If it protrudes out away from the block like a mount or a starter bolt hole it is usually best to weld using a nickel flame spay system.

    If it is in a long flat area it is better to pin it using Lock-N-Stitch pins.

    On heads, if it is a small crack starting to appear near the seat area, it is often possible to machine away the crack and install a valve seat.

    If it is a crack in a cylinder wall we can usually sleeve the cylinder.

    If it is a crack in a threads of a head bolt hole we have a special insert made to strengthen the bolt hole.

    We can usually repair any part of an aluminum block. MVC-898L.JPG (93941 bytes)           MVC-900L.JPG (107306 bytes)

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